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3 Minutes Bible Storytelling – Noah

After God banished Adam and Eve from the beautiful garden, God blessed them with children, grandchildren, great grandchildren.

  1. They multiplied, the amount was increased, but the wickedness also increased. They thought evil, imagine evil, … evil, evil, evil, from morning to night. God was so sad, it broke His heart. God said, “I am sorry I have ever made them.” So God decided to destroy them, all the people and the animals. But Noah was different. He was a good man. He thought good, imagine good, … good,good, good, from morning to night. God was very pleased with him.
  2. God said to Noah, “I’ll destroy all the people and animals. Build a very big boat. Take your wife, your three sons and their wifes into the big boat. Also bring two of every kind of animals, male and female. And I will destroy all the people and animals with flood 40 days 40 night.”
  3. Noah did everything exactly as God asked him to do. He made a very big boat. After it finished. God brought two of every kind of animals, male and female, went into the big boat. Noah and his wife, his three sons and their wifes went into the big boat, and God shut the door.
  4. After seven days, God poured heavy rain 40 days 40 nights. The water increased, higher, higher and higher, over the highest mountain in the world. All the people, and animals, drowned and died
  5. After several months, God remembered Noah and his family and all the animals in the big boat. He caused the wind blows and the water decreased, lower, lower and lower, until the big boat landed on a mountain.
  6. One day Noah opened the window and he sent out a raven to know the flood condition. It flew back and forth, the water still covered the earth. Then Noah sent out a dove, it went around and back to Noah.
  7. Noah waited for a week, then he sent out the dove again, this time it came back in the evening. It brought a freshly picked olive leaves in it’s beak. Noah was very happy, he knew the flood would finished.
  8. God said to Noah to go out from the big boat, he and his family and all the animals.
  9. Noah was so thankful, he gave an offering to God to say thank you. God was very pleased. He blessed Noah, “Be fruitful and multiply,” and God said,
  10. “I promise I’ll never destroy the earth with flood again. I’ll give you a sign in the clouds. I put my rainbow in the clouds. Every time I see the rainbow in the clouds, I’ll remember my promise. Yes, I’ll always remember my promise to save the world.”

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Wycliffe NSW, Australia, 3 minutes  Bible Storytelling Panorama

Campsie Community Church, 27-28 September 2008

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