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Church of Hope

Welcome to the Church of Hope!
The Head of this Church is Jesus Christ, and he is the founder of this church.
This is an international church.
The members of this church are godly future leaders of every nation in the world, and yes, they are children.
Children?! Yes, children, and this is the true story:

Mark 10: 13-16

“Come! Come! Hurry up! We are going to see Jesus!”
Says Moms and Daddies to their children.
“Hurray, we are going to see Jesus!”
“Yes!” says Moms and Daddies to their children,
“So Jesus can touch and bless you!”
“Look! Jesus is over there!” They come to Jesus,
But, “No, No, No!” says Jesus’ friends who follow Jesus,
“Jesus is very tired!”

“No. No, No!” says Jesus, “Let the children come to me!”
“You have to learn from this little children:
They come to God and trust Him!” says Jesus to his friends.
Moms and Daddies bring their children to Jesus.
Jesus gives them a very, very big hug, and puts his hand on them.

Moms and Daddies have a very, very big smile in their face.
They are very happy, Jesus loves their children,
Jesus touch and bless their children.

Jesus loves every children in the world!
No matter what the colour of your skin is,
Brown, yellow, black or white,
You are so precious in His sight!

🙂 eva kristiaman

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